The Dima software group is a freelance open source and freeware group, founded in 2004 by Mitra and renamed the Dima group in the year 88, the products of this group are mostly free and developed for Persian web development, The group has already been publishing a lot of products on the Web, including the Joomla! Bass CMS.

This group is proud to have designed or implemented many scholar sites and sites of prestigious people. The services of this group are limited to the web and the production of website templates and software applications on Joomla is one of the core activities of the group.

The group consists of a large number of software companies and Internet sites that serve all of these Web sites.

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1703 ویژه تهران بدون نیاز به پیش شماره


آدرس: تهران - بالاتر از میدان ولیعصر (عج) - نرسیده به زرتشت - روبروی سینما آفریقا - کوچه بهمبری - پلاک30



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